Solidarity with art strikers in Belarus

“Interviews with Belarusian cultural workers at strike”

Protests in Belarus continue to happen. Now, let’s focus on the Belarusian cultural workers at strike: from museum workers to cultural journalists, from students of Academy of Arts to actors of Yanka Kupala theatre. Do cultural workers have specific demands? Or have they joined protests with general demands? Let’s try to understand it. Please, donate money to support the project of our mini-gallery of underground anti-art in Belarus –

“Интервью с протестующими беларускими культурными работниками” Протесты в Беларуси продолжаются. В нашем фокусе – протестующие работники беларуской культуры: от музейных работников до культурных журналистов, от студентов Академии Искусств до актёров театра Янки Купалы. Если у протестующих культурных работников какие-то определённые требованья? Или они подключились к протестам с общими требованьями? Давайте попытаемся в этом разобраться.. Пожалуйста, пожертвуйте деньги, чтобы поддержать наш проект мини-галереи андеграудного антиискусства в Беларуси –

Юрий Урсо, 24 августа 2020


Help Belarusian artist Alexei Kuzmich

Alexei Kuzmich is a Belarusian performance artist who is famous for provocative political art actions:

“On polling day in the Belarusian presidential elections on 9 August, the performance artist undressed himself at his local polling station in Minsk, sticking his polling card — which he’d emblazoned with a phallus — onto his bare chest” (

After his performances on the election date, police broke into his home and arrested him. He has spent 3 days in jail being violently beaten. Belarusian authorities continue to look for him even after his release. Aleksei is now forced to go into exile and is in desperate need of your financial support.

All funds will be used to help the artist to survive!!!!