Festival of Class Wargames

Kernow, June 2021 (14 PC)

Games include: Three-sided football (3SF), Civil power, Game of War, The Joker, Alice in Wonderland

Contact us to join in any of the games… or to suggest your own/// taeateh @ psychogeography.org

Sunday 6th
333pm (3:41pm BST)
STN [¯˝9@Sfiπ{Â˚Â‑£} ∈ N5Δa#09


Hurlements en faveur de 3SF:
Up onto Lanyon Quoit
Dance 3SF in 9 Maidens

Monday 7th
3:33pm (3:41pm BST)
STN [¯1/n0XÕ6lŸy{L˚Â+?} ∈ Z2Δc#56

Carn Cottage, Zennor:
Ultralectical Laboratory

Tuesday 8th

STN [¯Ôóµ2∂ËFn{Ï˚¿Ï«|} ∈ 2Ωy#12
Knill’s Monument
, St Ives

333pm (3:41pm BST)
Tate St Ives
Psychic strike against
white supremacist culture

Wednesday 9th
11:11 am BST
STN [¯µÆÆ¿æ⧱{D˚+|ºŸ} ∈ BØ è#39

GoonHilly / Pendannack
Reclaim the Stars 3SF

Dissociation of Decolonial Dolphinauts

Thursday 10th
11am BST
STN [¯˚F÷‑V∞∂{V˚^Q˘ı } ∈ Y1>z#32

Marazion Beach
Solar eclipse ritual:
at the source of
Red River Dua Amon
opp St Michaels Mount

Friday 11th
3:33pm (3:41 BST)
STN [¯ K≤˝=∂;eQÖv{Ÿ˚¿Ï?} ∈ Z2Δc#56

3SF and Noise jam
at the mouth of the
Red River at
Gwithian Beach

Saturday 12th
Midday (1:08 pm)
STN [¯◊úmõ‰{Â˚£Jf} ∈ N5Δa#09

Hayle beach
Syncrotron Psychic Strike/
Awakening of the Giants

Sous la plage le Hydra

In order to effect the degree of psychic terrain modelling envisaged, the Tournament will seek to reawaken, and form an alliance with, the long dormant Cornish Giants; those great terra-forming shepherds of the earth who were pushed to near extinction by the evils of men and their greed for land. We speculate that the awakening can be manifest via a series of rotational three sided football games in locations of significant geo-psychic energy. The spiral channelling will induce a dédoublement of the emotional energy of the participants which, combined with the signalling power of the psychographic attractors we transform within, will convince the giants of the rightfulness of their waking and ally them to our task.

Each of the games played will gradually increase the potential energy available for release upon the G7, with the final assault being projected by means of a triolectical cyclotron event on the Saturday eve, first fusing and then folding over each of the attractor locales until the projection power is at its maximum – and the psychic strike is launched to DESTROY THE G7.