Fungable Situographical deConstructions: Viv Ayiti

New Visions Art School, Port-Au-Prince, Ayiti

We invite participation in a collaborative painting with comrades in Haiti – to raise power for artists and the New Vision school, Port-Au-Prince. We have come up with the initial idea and we invite other painters, artists, psychic and reproductive and destructive workers to join us.

The idea for the painting has originated with us in Haiti. We invie you to make this painting and exhibit and sell it wherever you are, in order to raise funds and consciousness for the struggle against imperialism and capitalism in Haiti. In this way we make a situgraphic, non orientable in itself, but fully and consciously fungable as part of a constructed situation of psychogeographical paintings.


“Ayiti fini, nou pa kapab ankò”

This anti imperialist action is launched on the 230th anniversary of the abolition of slavery, Haitian independence, and the psychic workers union invite you to join us.

to mark 230 years since the beginning of the revolt in 1791, we we are begining with the 3 imperialist flags: France, USA and Canada.

It was Touisant L’Overture himself who tore the white out of the flag and put the remaining blue and red together to make the flag of Haiti when they defeated the imperialist armies. We therefore follow suit, comrades may want to do this with paint or with material and unstitch flags and put them back together in different ways.

We will finally add a Loa or Veve design on top. This is to follow the style in Haiti of painting Loa and Veve designs.

Inspirational painting by Kimathi Donkor on display in Cambridge 2021

the two Loa we are employing are Ogun and Erzulie. While Ogun represents the spirit of war – destructive work, in our attack against inmpoerialism, Erzulie represents love and beauty – reproductive work.

Erzulie is also represented in the european iconography of the socalled Black Madonna – the poainting famously ripped when Hussites removed it from the Pauline monestry in Poland . the 3 rip marks on the saints face, to this day, immortalised in representations of the Loa Erzulie.

SO powerful is the psychic forcefield that a Polish artist Elżbieta Podlesna was arrested for creating a version with a rainbow halo. To honour this action we also invite play with the rainbow LQBTQI+ flag as another vertex of resistance, power, cultural capital and imperialism.

The psychic workers union is a union of immaterial producers and workers including artists, academics, educators and others. we organise to withdraw and attack the art world and other capitalist economical constructions. therefore we self organise our activities with a critical attitude to capital seeking to reverse alienation and disempowerment of the workers involved.

For us painting is not an exercise in decoration or aesthetics. it is not about creating luxury goods and commodities. it is not done for the creation of beauty for its own sake and neither is it simply a tool for the execution of this or that function. For us it is a collaborative process of creation and destruction used to transform the world and ourselves and can therefore be applied to reactionary and reformist as well as revolutionary ends.

travayè repwodiksyon sendika
Sendika travayè sichik


EXHIBITION: 11th September 2021, Motion Sickness, Cambridge

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