Disassociation of Decolonial Dolphinauts (DDD) Communique #0

With each iteration, capital EXPANDS – from city states, to countries, to a transatlantic network, to domination of the terra-world.

Now, faced with limits to its exploitation of ‘human society’, capital looks to expand its territory once more.

A SPACEPORT is planned for Newquay airport, from which a multi-pronged attack is planned on LAND, OCEAN and SPACE:- launching satellites which will VISIBILISE those of us who have managed to remained UNSEEN- creating a securitised BARRIER to human-cetacean UNIFICATION- aiding the COLONISATION of other planetary bodies, enacting their LIVING DEATH

And as above so below

In Cornwall as in Space, the owning class are tying SPACE to TIME through the mass ritual human sacrifice of the working CLASS, crystallising lived experience into Commodity. The government-directed Truro Business Investment District are trying to close off possibilities of EMANCIPATION through COLLECTIVE ENDEAVOUR. The streets of Truro are being prepared for gentrification through DISPOSSESSION and subjugation through COLONISATION. Just as they wish to close the Moon-Door, they are trying to enclose our consciousnesses in the Banality of the Spectacle.


The Destination Management Organisation, ‘Visit Truro’, is being used to turn one of our sites of Conflict into a mere Destination. We must fight together to make sure that they never ARRIVE.

From Project Diana to Project ARTEMIS, the ruling class use THE MOON to discipline human labour on EARTH.

This June we say: CORNWALL IS THE MOON.

This June we say: ‘Sea of Tranquillity’? or ‘Sea of Violence Inherent to the Accumulation of Capital’?

Space is a commons!

We must come together to prevent the conditioning of outer space and the banalisation of the oceans!

We pronounce our solidarity with our cetacean and space-comrades in our united struggle against the subjection of our lived experience to organisation, order and control!

We say NO to the spaceport, NO to dolphin subjugation and NO to the reduction of space!

JOIN US this June as we collectively subject SPACE to lived TIME of the working CLASS

Decolonial Disassociation of Dolphinauts

contact: dx <at> antisystemic.org