Regarding the G7 Statues on Hayle Beach

We REJECT the use of psychic workers, under psychic infiltration, to construct idol-effigies of the G7 leaders in a key psychic location. This construction engages with the summit entirely on its own grounds and only serves to amplify, rather than critique, the concentration of power in Carbis Bay.

These idols:
CONCENTRATE the focused energy of their creators, catching it in a feedback loop between the dunes and the convergence centre
INTENSIFY the powers focused in Carbis Bay by reflecting it back upon itself
DISTRACT and deflect potential organised protest

The heads are even larger than they would be in real life.

As a group of human and non-human actors who are passionate about the destruction of the state, we urge the artists responsible to disrupt the power reflection. We REJECT the imposition of God-Head Idols on the Common Towans and hereby call for their creators to incite their ritual destruction. We encourage them to join the art strike and to refuse to cooperate further in their own exploitation!