ITIL 3SF Festival : 9-13 June 2021, Summer 13PC, Kernow

ÐعŲM委п (DAMTP) invite you to the Intersectional Triolectical Laboratory of Intrawinglement in Kernow (Cornwall) from 9-13th June

the laboratory will consist of a series of 3 sided foolball (3sf) games to be held at past and future sacred sites and other psychogeographical vortices.

3sf is a special variation of football designed to disrupt the dualistic and capitalist framework of 2 sided football. Football as a treasured patriarchal institution designed to temper and channel patriarchal violence and destructive work into a productive psychic one must be overcome and transformed by continual decolonial and feminist Interventions and proletarian revolution . The games we will be playing as part of the laboratory are designed to create an inclusive safe space that will then open a state of Quantum Lettrist Entanglement with the G7 summit in order to divert the futures being shaped by the capitalist nations away from genocide and business as usual and towards global emancipation and proletarian revolution.

we will do this specifically by enjoining the world leaders as they stay in Cornwall, in their very dreams, their waking nightmares, and bring them face to face with the hellfire they mean to meet out to the masses.

We invite teams to join us for these matches. 3sf usually has 3 rules: there are 3 teams, one ball and the winner is the team that concedes the least goals. For this laboratory we will be suspending all rules. we invite individuals or teams to register with us or simply show up at the published fixtures.

Further details will be released closer to the time. Or email taeateh @ to register your interest x

Fixtures List

Thursday 10th June 2021 (30 Sivan/Shawwal , 5781/1442)
Location: Tintagel / Bodmin Moor Zodiac
Teams: USA V UK V EU
Final score: 1-1-1

Friday 11th June 2021 (1 Tamuz/ Dhuʻl-Qiʻdah, 5781/ 1442)
Location: Goonhilly Space Base
Teams: TBA
Final score: 0-0-0

Location: Carn Brea
Teams: Land v Capital v Labour (TBA)
Final score: 1-1-1

Saturday 12th June 2021
Location: Carn Cottage, Zennor
Teams: TBA
Final score: 0-0-0

Location: Tate, St Ives:
Teams: Art v Life v Science (TBA)
Final score: 0-1-1

Sunday 13th June
Location: Dancing Stones at Tregeseal
Teams: Communist Party of China (psychic/destructive) v International Proletariat (productive) v the underclasses (reproductive)
Final score: 0-0-1

the Godly7 – consisting of the allied (UK, USA, France, Canada) and the axis (Germany, Italy, Japan) powers with the exception of the USSR. of course the USSR no longer exists – indeed most notably Germany no longer exists as it did, much of it having seceded and fragmented to Poland, Austria, Hungary and indeed into the European colony state of Israel. its no surprise these states are not part of this new alliance nor that Russia or China are excluded and when we consider that the Demonic10 is the addition of India, Australia and South Korea it seems clear why.

Its no surprise they have chosen Cornwall to host this unholy mass. the Tories want to drag Britain and the world into the middle ages. they imagine their continuing crusades in the “middle east” to continue into “the east”
as the west they have chosen one of the poorest areas in England in which to display their power and wealth. After Johnson pulled the stunt of emerging from Covid quarantine on Good Friday in 2020 its laughable to see him present himself as a new King Arthur of the round table. all that remains is for him to fulfil the fantasies of the most rabid of fascists and nationalists is to revert to Islam and declare himself a reincarnation of Hazrat Ali RWA, with the Prophet Merlin revealed as the Prophet Mohammad SWA. Camelot as a British state where Judaism, Christianity and Islam are at last unified in Communism. But we know that this State Communism, like the Red Capitalist East of the USSR or China – or the Great White and Green Washing of the Red White and Blue West, are just recuperations and distortions of the only truly inevitable future for this planet: Stateless Society, beyond Class, Space or Time.

The spectacular Jerusalem they are building in Israel or indeed on England’s white and withered land/scape is one based on the usual aparteheid – the heaven of the bourgeoisie and ruling classes in Carbis Bay is built on the hell of poverty for the working class. Cornwall as landscape, romanticised landscape, reified object of tory propaganda, hell to actually live in and its the same whether this holy land is Palestinians in Israel, Farmers or Dalits or Sikhs in India or indeed the Cornish in England. The local people recede into the land/scape, just like in Australia where the Original people were classified as wildlife and fauna – part of the land and not labour – ie not human. the working class from England who were sent there as slave labour were given human status while the ruling classes became gods. it is this the victory of capital over land and labour that the g7 and d10 are here to bring to fruition. even god is capital in their great reset. Technology as Capital and as God – from G7 to 5G – is designed to bring labour and land together but under the rule of Capital. we are here to ensure this does not happen and that it is Labour not Capital or Land that is the dominant forms of re/pro/d(estr)uction. Power to the People.

We invite all working class people of Cornwall and beyond, to join our games. the future of wage slavery, austerity, poverty, colonialism that the g7/d10 are plotting is not inevitable